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Every Company has untapped potential. In the past year we have helped over 25 companies improve their operations dropping dollars to their bottom line. Contact us to learn more about our Services and how to optimize your existing business software.

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NetProfitXL is a team of hand-picked manufacturing experts. Each member of our team has over 30 years of experience working in companies just like yours. Many of our team members have worked in multinational companies and are experts in Best-In-Class operations in their area of expertise. We have dedicated ourselves to helping Small and Medium sized Businesses across North America improve their operations.

Our team will train your staff to become best-in-class experts in their functional area and we will train your team on how best to use your business software.

We provide specialty skills in Continuous Improvement, Industrial Engineering, Software Optimization, Change Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Process Architecture along with core operations skills such as Master Planning and Scheduling and Material Replenishment Planning.

Our team can augment your existing leadership, providing short term access to critical skills without having to expand your labor force.


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